O que nos espera!

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Dois minutos bastaram para que o Tottenham invertesse o marcador e vencesse o West Ham por 4-3.

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  1. Ai, Pedrinho, com estes Spurs e o Rei Berbatov poucas hipóteses tem o Braga. Encomendem-se ao Bom Jesus!

  2. Thanks, it was very nerve-racking... I look forward to the game in Braga - your stadium must have the best view in Europe! I understand a little Spanish but not much Portugese - what is the blog and the website all about?
    I'm on MySpace:

    All the best, Lisa

  3. Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and I hope the UEFA Cup games will be exciting. Can you explain why kick-off next Thursday is so late? Most games her start around 19:30 but in Braga kickoff is at 21:30!!!

  4. Braga's Board explained that the game starts at 21:30 due to television broadcast to England.

  5. Lisa,
    This blog is about the city of Braga, Portugal, Medicine and Sports.

    You're Welcome.

  6. Tottenham were losing with the bottom team in the league, they won it becasue West Ham were in the all or nothing attitude. We played as good as the first team in our league and we lost by luck!

    We can beat them!

  7. you haven't seen much of Spurs did you koolricky? what about the previous games? but you can prove you're better and beat us.I bet you won't.

  8. Hey, I didn't say we were better or worse than you. I said we were gonna win.


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