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CONTRA-ATAQUE: Braga vs Spurs - III

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Well what can I tell you about my beloved Spurs?
Domestically this season has started late for us, which is to say the beginning was awful.
We played many of our opening games like overpaid superstars who lacked heart and determination.
To contrast this we did beat our current Champions, Chelsea, at home, in a convincing 2-1 battle. Our victory only took 90 minutes and our marketing people released a DVD of the game in almost the same time!
In the last four matches, we have looked incredible. We have conceded goals that have been generally accepted as very good and scored pretty much relentlessly. Robbie Keane has been back to his form of old and then thereis Berbatov.
Our beautiful boy Berbatov. The angel faced assassin with the touch of the devil yet a gift to us from God.
He has the hearts and minds of White Hart Lane in his hands - or boots! We adore his class. His educated touch and commitment to the team. He has developed to the Premiership way so fast as any intelligent player does and our victory on Sunday against West Ham saw him tracing back to tackle deep in his own half in order to make us win.
In Europe we looked good when we poor everywhere else. Now we are more solvent elsewhere, it remains to be seen if we can realise our potential.

Our history is in Europe.
Braga, we wish you well...
But we want THIS trophy.

HH, do blog Harry Hotspur

3 comentários:

  1. Pete, darling, please seperate the words in this text.

  2. Well, what can I tell you about Berbatov this here Harry hasn't? Only that you know him, you people of Braga. He was there in the Euro 2004. He played there for Bulgaria(he's now the captain of his national side) and lost 2-O to Danemark. Not an happy memory. But now he is back and there's the chance of getting a better memory for days ahead. Maybe not the best for Braga, I'm afraid.But you'll love to watch his genius on the pitch, I'm sure.
    Anyway, Berbatov is a charmer, women will go crazy about him, men will turn gay for him (so they say)and even more so because he's a mystery, an absolute enigma of restrain, an example for the horrific football world. There's no chance you'll see him making a fool of himself, getting drunk or in a brothel, or street car racing, whatever. He's totally private and that is divine for someone so handsome, nice, rich, famous and desired.
    It was in the stadium of Braga when I first set eyes on him and I never let him go since. The love Spurs have for him is so new compared to that old Bragamade love of mine. I can hardly wait to see what he'll do tomorrow. It'll not be easy, I know. Bad memories are tough to deal with. But he knows there are Portuguese who love him, more than any Harry ever will, because we are branches of the same tree, our origins are the same. Let's keep it this way.
    Bracara Lupis

  3. Boa sorte Pedro!

    Força Braga!

    O Porto esteve quase, vocês vão conseguir. O Bicho sabe como.

    Venham eles...


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