God is Republican!

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God Is Republican

© Pat Bagley, The Salt Lake Tribune

3 comentários:

  1. Eh, tamém digo, Deus, além de bushista, é republicano e parvo, mas mais que tudo, maricano.

  2. D'uh - not all people with Hispanic last names are Hispanic. My husband is American born and Puerto Rican who reads little Spanish and speaks some.

    No need to learn this - we are in America - the land of English. But since I cannot read this are you in the U.S. or else where?

    But since the pic is from Salt Lake City I assume you are from the flock of entitlement - we must learn Spanish to speak to you. Oh no, you all came to America - learn English!

    And yes, G-d is a Republic! And he would slap your face silly for mocking Him - you are an anti-Christ.

  3. Layla,

    I'm portuguese and I'm living in Portugal since my birth! Ok?


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